A Little Kitchen Thought Could Be Revolutionary

I have often thought that a man must have designed my kitchen – apparently the devleopers have been in the business for thirty or forty years and know a thing or two about building family houses.  Or do they?!  My kitchen is  adequate but not spacious – certainly no room for an island.  I have few kitchen implements out on show.  They’re stored in top and bottom cabinets which line the walls leading to the hi-mounted double oven and separate hob.  Nothing wrong there, except they’ve put the hob in the narrowest end with only a tiny worktop either side.  I have to walk across the kitchen with hot dishes from the oven.  If they’d thought, they could have put the hob on a longer wall, allowing a wider expanse of worktop next to the oven & grill.  I get my worktop protectors and non slip oven gloves ready before going near anything hot – bought especially for the task from this fantastic cookware and kitchenalia emporium!