A Wolfe In Stainless Steel Clothing

I was in the States recently staying with a family who are not short of a dollar or two.  That’s just as well as they live i a very affluent city and you need every dollar available to just keep up with the standard around you.  They’ve moved from their very comfortable large house on the periphery of the city to a new build 3 storey with separate garage in a smart area just out of town.  The house was bought off plan, which there means you choose absolutely every item in it.  This of course includes the kitchen and utility goods.  I was amazed at the size of the cooking range – you can’t really say it’s just a cooker.  Six burners with a large wok burner, three ovens and the outsde casing is wonderfully expensive looking brushed stainless steel.   The control knobs are bright red and from experience, I could tell immediately we were talking very high end iconic stuff here!  There are outlets for the same over here in little ole’ Blighty.  Available via favourite online sourcing site too – very handily.