Booze Cruise No More – It’s Healthier Living Now

I was listening to some lady chums recently – they’d been away together on a mini cruise to the continent.   At one time these were nicknamed ‘boose cruises’ because of the amount of booze and cigarettes people used to bring back uder the duty free tag.  Nowadays there’s far less of both being consumed so the cruise was for cultural purposes and a jolly good time was had by all.  The ladies described the two cookery demonstrations they attended in the galley.  It was interesting to note how much they learned about the art of Indian culinary practices.  The Head chef was quite a character by all accounts and with the Entertainments director, made a most engaging host.  They demonstrated not only how few ingredients were needed for a splendidly varied selection of main courses, but also the significance and how to acquire the best of each.  The shopping for the iingredients and kitchenware was as simple as looking online and the site recommended included articles about lifestyle and living well – a very important feature of the exercise and well received by all the attendees.