Bulking Up Online Shopping For Sharing

We all need cheering up when it’s grim winter weather.  The prospect of going out in the sludge and mucky snow is more than I want to cope with some times!  Many things are available online as a matter of course now.  No need to queue up down the road for the bare essentials that so often disappoint.  In fact, the discussions on the consumer programmes are often centred on how to get the best deals for living life to the full from this web site or that.   Even the novice silver surfer is able to arrange online shopping and generally getting their living arrangements more oganised.   I know of one enterprising couple who have really taken on the challenge of trying to cut wasted car journeys and combine with their social group to organise online batch buying and then sharing amongst the families.  It saves massively financially but requires a very big comittment by some of the parties involved.  There are so many things that can be obtained online too – whole kitchens, or replacement doors for cabinets.  Just right for storing those savings generating bulk buys!