Changing How We Shop & Care For Family

There have been so many changes to the way we conduct our lives due to the impact of the pandemic and lockdown.  We have to rely on one person only going to the stores for our family shopping.  This is a big ask, especially if the family is large and the main shopper is used to having a couple of helpers.  To get the best out of any shopping trip, a good concise list is needed.  Some of us, hmm. moi for sure, don’t always bother and consequently come back with items that we really didn’t need to bother with and could have left on the shelf for another shopper.  I’m thinking of the habitual buying of things like tea and pasta,   It’s essential that we don’t store stuff we don’t need.   Food production and distribution is governed by demand but if the producers suffer a lot of people having to self isolate, then their production times and costs will increase greatly.  Keeping our kitchens ultra clean is also essential – get the germs out!  I have been buying new washing up bowl and anciliary items to cheer up this space and to ensure it is clean as possible.  The old stuff can be used in the garden. Shopping online has never been a huge part of my life before lockdown.  However, I really do appreciate the ease and the vast choice of products available.