Changing The Tide Of Shopper Power

As summer has so rudely departed – after taking up a vast amount of our time and causing endless worries about heat stroke and lack of rain, she goes off, leaving us with a tumultuous rainy season to contend with.   This year has really caused us to look log and hard at how we plan our gardens and what we need to get from them.  I for one am going to look at changing some of my plants, to suit more challenging climates.  I have also been trying to do my bit down the high street, using a favourite little shop for my fruit and vegetables.  The giant supermarkets have all but decimated high street shopping but the tide is turning.  I demand only paper bags and to be able to buy just the number of each item that I want, not a whole plastic box load of them.  Shoppers taking back control of what’s on offer is the way forward!