Chaotic Kitchen Replacement Causes Excitement

Ho ho, this last month has been exciting.  Our neighbours have been having a new kitchen installed.   Yes, I know it’s unusual to feel joy when next door get anything.  However, I recently had to enter as key holder when their alarm sounded at silly o’clock one night . . . . . .  I was amazed at the state of it – toys, school bags, uniforms and everything of life just dumped on floors, chairs, tables, worktops.  I really thought they’d been burgled.  But I was soon able to see that no entry had been made prior to mine.  Whilst checking for burglars, I noticed the boiler missing from the utility room – just the wiring and fittings remained.  When reporting to the owner that I’d had to make entry and attend the alarm, I quipped that if he had not already removed the boiler, then they had been broken in to and the boiler was gone.  The owner came back and said it was now in the garage, in readiness for the new kitchen which had been ordered online, to be supplied and installed the following week.  I did just wonder how the kitchen installers were going to work through that chaotic kitchen to find what to take out!  The online company’s local agent had previously visited the the house to measure up and quote.  Wonder if he said they’d have to clear the decks at all – or if they’re paid by the hour, maybe he didn’t!