Chinaware Scores More Than The Afternoon Tea

Oh the fun of a birthday treat – afternoon tea out at a local emporium or up to town for a super swish extravaganza.  The prices these days do rather dictate the programme of events.  The local tea room will offer a full size tea and buns, not necessarily the most sophisticated fare, but good honest home made grub.  All for around £12.00 a head. The London set with their vintage themese will set you back around £30 to £70 a head.

I attended an AT for a very aged relative recently – at a smart local outlet.  The poor old dear was far less interested in the food – in fact she hardly looked at anything, it just went down the hatch with the same lack of interest as her care home dinners.  It was the gorgeous vintage chinaware that caught her eye.  Beautiful floral tea cups and matching pot and milk jug.  So elegant and worth the trouble of the car parking episode!