Comparing Home Supplies When Staying Abroad

When we travel for holidays, whether to stay in hotels or with family, it is great fun to look around at the locality and compare things like kitchen and living stores.  I’ve just come back from a stay in the US.  Living in with a host family, they took me to out of town shopping malls and I was able to see the major stores they have.  You can buy everything, from tea cups to beds and washing machines.  Comparing the prices and services offered is always a reat for me.  the sheer size of the laudry goods is incredible – most newer houses these days have mud room off the front hall – that often incorporates the ‘white goods’.  You don’t often find them in the open concept kitchen/living spaces as we still do at home.  They have massive bottles of laundry liquid too – I couldn’t even lift one into position.  The machinery looks good and is built to withstand hurricanes!