Cookware Stash Just Awaiting Duty Call

We all get used to our own kitchens and all the familiar things around us.  I know that when I want fast boiling and steaming, it’s the left hand front ring.  For a little gentler simmering, either of the back rings and for just about keeping warm, the little ring front right.  I have a range of cookware tucked away at the back of the peninsular unit – just waiting for the day when I have more than one person to cook for.  A choice of slow cookers – one is over forty  years old, another less than five.  Also, two really old pressure cookers – well past their safety date but clung on to for sentimental reasons.  I am awaiting delivery of a brand new automatic soup maker – my previous two gave up the ghost early in their careers.  Who’d have thought that I could wear out a cooking implement? Ha ha.