Ensuring The Cook’s Heaven Remains Available

It always saddens me when the last of the summer’s tomato harvest get taken in.  No more popping down to the sunniest spot in the garden to collect the days ‘takings’ and instead, I have the remaining few bunches of very green rock  hard little balls sitting in my tea towel drawer – every year I hope earnestly that by a miracle they’ll turn bright red and luscious but the never do.  After a week or two, they end up in the compost bin, helping to make provender for a future year’s gardening.  I like growing a little bit in the garden to supplement the floral displays.  I’ve so far managed potatoes, one tub of carrots and strawberries – some years I actually get in early enough to beat the birds to those!  But for really superb fruit and vegetables, I’v yet to find anywhere less exhiliarating than a particularly fine farm shop & cook’s delight – a green grocery, butcher, baker, food hall.  It’s so amazing and even better, they have a great web site up and running to keep their take away orders and click & collect business going.  So essential when the store has to be shut!