Fresh Recipe Cooking Boxes Here To Stay

I know of a young woman who married in the summertime about 5 years ago.  She and her fiance had been very keen on trying out new foods and recipes – in fact they used to get her ’round the world’ cook book down every Tuesday and they’d siply open it at a page – no ifs or buts, and do whatever the dish was on that page.  There was only one limitation, it had to be a meal, not a cake or pudding.  This happy little arrangement continued week in, week out for a year or so.  Then suddenly the chap gets it into his head to order these fancy ‘meal in a box’ ideas that have come on to the market in recent years.  They are a great idea for anyone who does like to experiment with food.  These kits contain all the incregidents for however many meals ordered.  Usually two or four, for two or four persons.  Every single ingredient down to lentils and all the herbs, cream, etc.  With these come full colour recipe cards that have really simple point by point instructions.  Amazing!