Good Habits Where Domestic Duty Calls

When you first leave home, you have to learn to do all the things that make that life safe, comfortable and hygienic.  If you haven’t been encouraged, or made, to share the domestic chores from toddlerhood, this can be a tremendous shock to the system.  I can’t speak for every family of my generation, but most of those we knew did operate along the same lines.  Mum generally did all the shopping, cooking, and most of the cleaning.  Dad mowed the lawn, did the decorating and looked after the car.  We children had set tasks- was always clearing the table, washing & wiping up and putting away.   We also had to turn back our bedding to air each morning, then make the bed properly after breakfast.  We had to put our dirty laundry in the basket provided too.  There was no escape – it was like breathing.  It was simple and we grew up knowing these tasks had to be done – comforting to know our boundaries!