How To Engage With The Reluctant Cooks

Back in the 1960s this family went to a local secondary school that was brand new – so new that we had to wait for the developers to get off site before the first class could entere the segregated playgrounds.  I was a very nervous new entrant to big school.

One bright light in this tunnel of doom was the domestic science block that had been provided with a school flat for learning all there was about housework.  The cookery classes were conducted in one of two fantastically modern and well equipped kitchens each set out in 6 kitchenette work stations – the left hand side all had gleaming gas cookers, the other side all electric.  A heated cabinet for drying tea towels also doubled as the bread proving cabinet.  I loved my Home Economics classes and although never a master chef, I learned enough in those weekly lessons to stand me in very good stead throughout my adult years!