Independent Retailer Provided True Culinary Heaven

I love going round kitchen and cookery workshop suppliers – there used to be a truly fantastic emporuium in my local town.  It was filled from floor to ceiling with rack after rack of the most divine culinary objects – many of which it would be almost impossible to hazard a guess its purpose.   This small independent family owned retail outlet was really well known in the wider area, mainly because they were prepared to get into stock jut about anything innovatie and useful.  They also souced the unusual item for the serious chef or cook.  Fish kettles in 10 sizes, minute single sauce pans, utensils in every shape, size, metal, colour.  They would display everything in mini kitchen displays so there would be for example, a huge expensive mixers/food processors with every conceivable attachment would take centre stage, then the rest of the company’s kitchenalia list would be spread around it.  Absolute culinary heaven!