Lessons In Lockdown Very Worthwhile

There’s something very relaxing about watching videos of somebody else doing household things like cooking and housekeeping.   There are millions of online stores selling everything you could possibly imagine and the online video channels where you can see snippets of all kinds of activities.    I know my young neighbour avidly keeps up with a well known tv cook, who now has beginner cookery lessons.  These are such a brilliant idea for the teenager in the house.  Whereas learning from our mothers and grandmothers is so ‘yesterday’ and not all mums are very good cooks any more – pressures on time make this an occasional treat sort of skill.  So learning online from an expert is excellent.  A few lessons in cleaning up afterwards wouldn’t go amiss too. . . . .  I particularly like online  lessons from my own womens’ group – it’s national and now world wide and they offer all sorts of good things on zoom – a talent that has sprung up from the never ending lockdowns.