Low Carb Sponge Baking Needs Protein Powder

My household has recently tried moving over to low carb eating  We have an extended group who have gone down that route quite successfully for most of the time.   It is not as easy to achieve as we first thought though.   We have invested large sums of our housekeeping budget on keto based baking ingredients, and the price of these substitutes is massively higher than normal goods.   One of the major aspects of low carb baking for example, is that it is naturally gluten free and therefore it needs extra quantities of other raising agent such as baking powder and eggs.  After watching a couple of videos, I found out that for a lighter sponge cake, then whey or protein powder is the most useful ingredient.  There’s no explanation why this is so but after many, many variable test runs, I can say it definitely does work.   The sponges are otherwise just tough, with no softness – in fact I would liken them to trying to make a cake with suet instead iof butter.