Modern White Goods Need More Space All Round

We al know what we like the best in the way of kitchen fitments, flooring and to a certain extent, which integral white goods we want to have.  The choice seems very wide at first but gradually as  you work through the myriad of options on any item, the actual final choices remain quite limited.  This is because we all know what we like in the shape or design of working parts i.e. washing machines.   The modern ones are huge – bigger than the one I have had for 17 years and will be keeping for at least the same . . .  This presents a problem for space and many a machine replacement has to be installed in another room, i.e. downstairs cloak room, unless the present kitchen arrangement is made larger to acommodate it.  The bigger machines allow more room for the washing process and also the doors are bigger to allow us to pop small items in via a small drop down door, after the start of the wash.