Exciting & Innovative Boxed Meals

I have begun using one of those new fangled food delivery services – a young lass came to the door, very cheerful and confident – she more or less bulldozed her way in to my kitchen and wouldn’t take my lame excuses for not being a customer.  Every time I put forward a reason, she would counter it with the opposite.  That is exactly my tactic when faced with someone who is unduly negative or difficult to get on with.  So of course, after half an hour of this door step challenge, I finally caved in and let her demonstrate how easy it is to get logged on with an account and choose three boxed meals.  This young lady was an excellent example of how a really good business promoter can get interest in his subject without really making it obvious.   She was so happy for a start and utterly confident in the product she was marketing.  Win win.