Small High Street Business Can Compete With Online

I have yet to succumb to the temptations of the online shopping crcuit for my main grocery and household shopping.   I have a need to see the fruit and veg that I need to replenish and also, I have this overriding desire to stop this element of shopping disappearing from our grasp any time soon.  I live in an area ‘blessed’ with the most recent out of town shopping development.   We were promised it many moons ago and it would get mentioned occasionally and then shelved for lack of funds/backers etc.  Then ten years ago, it rather quietly took off again.  The new backers had to jump through hoops of fire to get it back on the planning agenda and it then encountered opposition from those quarters who were (justified as it happens), worried about the High Street becoming redundant.   Of course we can compromise and happily entertain both High Street and online methods.  It’s simply a case of buying a little from each of the suppliers and supporting small businesses as muh as we can.   So long as their service is good, products are good quality and the prouct knowledge second to none, most folk like to take time to buy locally if they can and revel in that feeling of loyalty.