Sticking To Local For Foods, Cookers & Cabinets

We are sourrounded by fantastic countryside in this part of the world.  Rather flat it must be said and after visiting more northerly climes recently, the ‘hills’ do seem a bit pathetic – rather like anthills.  The living out here is nice though with lots of easy walking areas and the road infrastructure isn’t too bad.  Well it is , it’s jolly busy all the time bu the main arterial routes  all seem to go through this area and so it is good for travelling almost anywhere.  We have a good supply of artisan bakers and beer makers and the local market towns reflect the level of affluence.  In the next town along, which in itself is many pegs highter than my home town, there are two or three seriously good kitchen shops.  Not just supplying the all important kitchen cabinets and all the amazing cookers etc. they also have some incredible cook shops too and one of them has demonstrations and runs culinary lessons.  Now that’s what you call living to the max.  Being able to buy local foods by shopping down the same high street stock from local farmers. . . . and the means to cook it all so beautifully!