Sunscreen Not Such Hot Buy In Autumn

My word the summer seems to have shot by and her we are with autumnal tones and gusts of wintery weather.  it barely feels possible as spring seemed to drift in late and before we knew it, the hottest weather was here and we were being implored to take more care with our use of sunscreen and protection.  When we buy things like sun protection, it’s easy to just look at the prices and not really check whether the product is suitable for the intended user.  I don’t use conventional lotions at all – having discovered a once a day product that I lather all over any part that I might expose to sun.  I don’t swim over here so there’s very little need to add more, unless I make a point of walking out in direct sun after lunch.  Then I apply more copiously.   Getting this product isn’t always easy to locate in the high street.  I therefore research and source it online – though I do prefer to support my local shops. . . .  they have to stock what I want to buy, when I want to buy it.  However, my favourite and most reliable site here does supply, and that is so critical!