Waste Not Should Be The New Family Mantra

One of the things that has loomed large in the recent months of virus based upheaval is the lack of cooking ingredients in some of the shops.  I used to go through bouts of culinary extravaganza trying out all sorts of cake and bun recipes – with varying success. Failures were always due to not attending to the ingredient list and/or utensil needs.  These days however I have learned to check the ingredient & utensil requirements before starting.  The shops have suffered a serious shortage of flour and sugar because of staff not being able to attend the mills and the distribution network.  We have also had to import less too because of the global restrictions.  So these days it’s very much a case of learning to use food wisely.  To encourage children to take part in the kitchen and to really appreciate what goes into our shopping list and to use it wisely without waste.