When The Restaurants Close – Take To The Kitchen

We all know what we like by way of eating out.  Those special times when you just want something that you don’t cook at home for instance.  The italian pizza parlour or the chinese restaurant.  They’re familiar landmarks on or high street or in the village shopping area.  But since the problems globally and the need for severe lockdown, there have been no restaurants available to us – this time around they are shut and only a few take away services have remained operating.    The only alternative is to larn to cook our favourite meals for ourselves.   Or buy in some ready made dishes from the supermarket.   In every kitchen there is a favourite area and for most it is the cooking range.  The excitement generated by a cooking session is unestimable.  It’s every more so if there are spices and flavours sitting alongside.   With so many cookery lessons shown on videao and tv, it’s no surprise that being able to cook and present a truly authtentic meal.