Workshop For Maxing Local Seasonal Produce

When the winter finally leaves us and we start to seriously contemplate basking in the sunlight to come, does our mind turn to the pleasures of the flesh – steady on, not that kind.  I’m thinking of the flesh of tomatoes and other luscious salad and vegetable matter that can be grown in the few weeks before winter races back again!    Mind you, there are some other things that can be put in place to really enjoy the summer months to the max.  Taking a cookery course may seem rather an odd suggestion but there are many out there that offer a truly insightful way of changing the manner in which we cater for family and friends.  How to make the ery most of the abundance of british fruit, salad and vegetables – trying to cut our personal footprint and that of the delivery drivers.  Grasp those lessons for life now and make your bit of difference.