Chefs’ Secrets Shared In Amazing Workshops

Cookery workshops are a relatively new idea for joint gatherings like hen parties and girlie functions.  A couple of former colleagues in a previous existence were recently moving from a company to start up their own enterprise and instead of a leaving gift each, they requested a contribution towards a cookery workshop specialising in afternoon tea presentations.  They gained a wealth of information and it proved so much more to them than the face value of the voucher itself.  They are now happily starting their second quarter in the afternoon teas sector of catering.

The choice online is fantastic these days – it is possible to pick every single discipline of the chef’s exetensive repertooire.  As the name suggests, a workshop gives an overview of what is required in say, fish cookery – being encouraged to try naming, selecting, skinning and boning a whole fish and then getting down to cooking it correctly before serving.