Toy Mice & Catnip – Recipe For Kitchen Delight

When you get invited to someone’s house to carry out a crafting project, there is usually the delightful prospect of home made cake or biscuits to be relished.   Joining in with friends in such simple pleasures is a way of being rewarded for the efforts put in with whatever the crafting project is.  This week saw us all sat round a large kitchen island, hundreds of tiny knitted mouse shapes into each we stuffed little sachets of catnip and polyester toy filling.   Once each was filled to a satisfying plumpness we then had to sew up the toy from end to end, attach the tiny knitted ears and then embroider on nose, eyes and tale.  Much giggling and exasperation accompanied this activity – until the tea and said home made cake arrived.  Wooh how glad were we that our hostess had a fab kitchen with all mod cons and everything was served beautifully.  We were able to discuss the shopping necessary to complete the next session’s target of making christmas decorations for a forthcoming craft sale.