Cookery Heaven From Chocolate Filled Hen Party

I had the chance to enrol with chums at a chocolate making workshop the other summer.  It was actually part of a a whole host of hen party activities and we all had to select from a choice of 8 things, which ones we wanted to attend (and pay for).   No one will be at all surprised that a full house wanted the chocolate based activity!  As it happened, for all the expense, we didn’t make the chocolate – that was already made and we just made different choccy sweets, adding flavoured fillings and all sorts.  This was a bit disappointing, although I guess 20 giggly women with expensive ingredients could make an awful mess!   It did inspire me though to look at the more serious side of the venue’s menu of courses and bought into the fish buying and preparation and how to cook sensibly and economically for one.  A good outcome from a sticky beginnings.