New Kitchen & Bathroom Extravaganza

There’s a new programme on day time tv that is based on the usual home refurb formula but is geared entirely to kitchens and bathrooms.  The premise being that a hapless couple of owner has started to work on one of these projects but run into problems and it’s just been left.  A tv production company has evidently looked at the existing stock of property programmes and thought that another, specialising just on kitchens and bathrooms can’t go wrong.  They’ve teamed up with a cheeky chappie, a proper builder, who takes over the project and project manages it for the show.  From the trailers and evidence so far, it looks like a real winner.  Lots of shots of chaotic kitchen, bathrooms and living spaces.   The fun of this type of show is seeing what is out there for the ordinary man in the street and it inspires other DIY fans that their project could look this brilliant if they take the steps sown in the tv show.