Festive Food & Craft Workshops Hit The Mark

At this time of year there are many programmes on tv that aim to inspire our home creativity.  We have a jolly lady who does a great deal of crafting – be it making her own christmas crackers to the miles of festive bunting and laurel swags that adorn her somewhat palacial family home.  Then after we’ve made a few gift tags, named place cards, specially selected hand made christmas cards etc., we can concentrate on other programmes.  Here I reer to the food and comfort section of the lifestyle channels.  Hmmm the smell of home made mincemeat and the look of that christmas pud.  It’s more likely to be a success if you have a chance to attend either an online or physical cookery and home making workshop.  The way the presenters demonstrate their craft is second to none.  You never fail to glean even a tiny modicum of crafting and culinary expertise!